Your Inner Ally
Your Inner Ally
Greg Burdulis

Welcome to Your Inner Ally

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About Us

We aim for lives that are Calm. Focused. Resilient.

We aim to develop Your Inner Ally to support, encourage and comfort you. 

We use whatever works: monastic meditation techniques, research into neuroscience and psychology, evidence-based strategies and exercises to boost gratitude, compassion, confidence and generosity.

Why You Should Join Us

Do you want to steer your life towards more Calm? Focus? Resilience? Then you are in the right place.  

We leverage what you already have: your awareness, your fundamental goodness, and this community to make changes in your purpose(s), your goals and how you live.  

In addition to exquisite content, you'll have access to an fantastic community.  We'll support you exploring new territory, trying unfamiliar activities and adventuring outside of your comfort zone--where life gets big, bold, spacious and full of possibility.  

A Big Thanks

There is unbounded gratitude to my sweetheart, Marielle for her patience with me and support to live my dreams of making this world a little better.

I am thankful to my parents for offering me all the support I needed to teach mountaineering, ride freight trains, travel around the world, become a monk and an entrepreneur.  Their love was both a foundation and a guiding light.  

I feel 2500 years of gratitude to my meditation teachers.  They supported me to practice when I felt dejected, scared to death and hopeless.  Their faith in the path of meditation and in me has blossomed and the fruit is feeding the world, a few people at a time, just like they did with me.

I am grateful to my coaches Barb Garrison and Kristin Keffeler who supported my dreams when I couldn't yet clarify them, or knew which actions to manifest them.  

I am grateful to the people who have taught me the art of coaching and the many colleagues who have shown me the joy and power of collaboration.  

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